The Dataset node is an array of data.

You can create a spreadsheet with your project's data and link it to the diagram, using the Dataset node. It's also possible to save and read data from Data nodes into Datasets.

Creating a spreadsheet

Using your favorite spreadsheet editor, create a table with your project's data.


The spreadsheet must be organized as such:

{Dataset Name}{Data 1}{Data 2}







Importing spreadsheets

To import the spreadsheet into your project, you must use the Spreadsheets library menu.

The spreadsheet file must be in the XLSX file format.

Interacting with the spreadsheet data

To reference the Dataset in the diagram, you need to use the following notation system: datasetTag[x][y]

Here's the above table with the coordinates individually marked:

Dataset Name (X = 0)Data 1 (X = 1)Data 2 (X = 2)

0 (Y = 0)

3 (Y = 0)

1 (Y = 1)

4 (Y = 1)

2 (Y = 2)

5 (Y =2)

To reference the number "5", per example, we would write datasetTag[2][2]

In the same manner, to reference the number "4", we would write datasetTag[2][1]

If we put this into a Formula's "Expression" field datasetTag[2][2] * datasetTag[2][1], it would be the same as inputting 5 * 4 and that would give 20 as the result.

Datasets are very useful to gather together the inputs from your project.

In this way, the only thing needed to update new values in your project is the spreadsheet with the updated values.

You can also use Datasets to output data from the diagram. e.g. Individual Player Data based on Day.

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