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Nodanomics is at the forefront of the web3 economy revolution. We specialize in providing cutting-edge software solutions designed to empower web3 games. Our suite of tools is tailored to simplify, optimize, and automate the management of web3 economies, fostering user engagement, and tokenomics sustainability.

Subscription NFT program

Nodanomics platform introduces a diverse set of offerings across different tiers, each designed to cater to varying user preferences and engagement levels

Token Standard


Target clients

Web3 launchpads, web3 accelerators, L-1/L-2 blockchain protocols, web3 tokenomics agencies. Tier 1 and tier 2 NFTs include free trial NFT packs for distribution to the entire community. Once a free trial NFT gets converted into a paid 1 month subscription, Nodanomics allocates a share of its revenue to respective NFT holders.

NFT Tier Schedule

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Subscription period

12 months

3 months

1 month

Limited quantity




Pack of free trial NFTs




Revenue sharing




Airdrop $NODA tokens




NFT Transferability




Initial Price




Tokens Utility

Two types of NFTs: Genesis NFT and Free Trial NFTs, all minted by Nodanomics.

Each Genesis NFT gives the following rights:

1. Right to access the Nodanomics platform for 1/3/12 months, so NFT acts as a subscription

2. Right to participate in DAO voting on questions related to business and product development

3. Right to sell a fraction of NFT to another party

4. Right to have a pack of so-called free-trial NFTs for distribution to your community/clients

5. Right to participate in revenue sharing once free-trial NFT gets converted into 1 month paid subscription.

While free trial NFTs' features are:

1. Get delivered in packs along with genesis NFTs to early adopters

2. Gives 7-days free trial access to Nodanomics platform

3. Option to convert NFT into 1 month subscription

$NODA Token utility

1. Pay for subscription

2. Get community rewards

3. Participate in DAO voting


Subscription Period:

- Tier 1: The premium membership offers an extensive 12-month subscription period, providing users with an extended and uninterrupted access to exclusive content, features, and benefits.

- Tier 2: The mid-level subscription package spans 3 months, offering users a shorter commitment with a balanced mix of benefits.

- Tier 3: The entry-level subscription plan comes with a 1-month duration, providing flexibility for users who prefer shorter-term commitments or wish to explore the platform's offerings.

Limited NFT Quantity:

- Tier 1: A limited quantity of 150 NFTs is available in this tier, creating a sense of exclusivity and scarcity for users who opt for the premium subscription package.

- Tier 2: The mid-level tier offers a larger pool with 350 NFTs, providing more users with the opportunity to access limited edition digital assets.

- Tier 3: The entry-level subscription tier introduces 500 limited NFTs, making these digital collectibles more widely available to a larger audience.

Free Trial NFT Pack:

- Tier 1: Users in the premium tier receive a generous pack of 100 free trial NFTs, allowing them to explore and experience the NODANOMICS platform's offerings without an initial financial commitment.

- Tier 2: The mid-level tier includes a pack of 40 free trial NFTs, offering users a taste of the platform's features as part of their subscription.

- Tier 3: The entry-level subscription does not include a free trial NFT pack, encouraging users to engage with the platform through the subscription benefits.

Revenue Sharing:

- Tier 1: Subscribers in the premium tier enjoy a revenue sharing model of 10%, allowing them to participate in the platform's financial success. Each conversion of free trial NFT into 1 month paid subscription triggers allocation of share to NFT holder

- Tier 2: The mid-level tier offers a 5% revenue sharing model, providing users with a moderate but still appealing incentive.

- Tier 3: The entry-level tier does not include revenue sharing as part of the subscription benefits.

Airdrop $NODA Tokens:

- Tier 1: Subscribers at the premium tier receive a substantial airdrop of 5000 $NODA tokens, enhancing their engagement with the platform's native cryptocurrency.

- Tier 2: The mid-level tier includes an airdrop of 1500 $NODA tokens, offering users a meaningful introduction to the platform's token economy.

- Tier 3: Subscribers in the entry-level tier receive a modest airdrop of 300 $NODA tokens.

Initial NFT Price:

- Tier 1: The premium tier introduces an initial NFT price of $5000, reflecting the exclusivity and premium nature of the digital assets.

- Tier 2: The mid-level tier features an initial NFT price of $1500, providing users with a more accessible entry point to the NFT marketplace.

- Tier 3: The entry-level tier offers an initial NFT price of $300, making these digital assets more affordable for a broader audience.

Use Cases

Tier 2

Subscription plan


Pack of free trial NFTs


Conversion price


Conversion revenue


Revenue share


ROI, %


Tier 1

Subscription plan


Pack of free trial NFTs


Conversion price


Conversion revenue


Revenue share


ROI, %


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