The data node is responsible for storing numeric values. These values can be whole or decimal numbers.

It has 4 connection points. Two Data Connections (marked green) and two Chain Connections (marked Red and White). However, unlike other nodes, these Chain Connections are special. They are used to trigger the reading and recording from and to Datasets.

The Data Conneciton point on the left is the input, used for adding values, and the one on the right is the output, used to subtract values from the node.

Advanced Options

Dataset Interaction

The Data node can read and record values to Datasets.

Recording Data

Under the Node's Property Drawer, you can find the "Record to dataset" option, under the Statistics tab.

Using the dropdown menu, you can select the Dataset to be written, alongside the X and Y coordinates.

Under the X and Y coordinate fields, you can use the Tag system and math expressions as well.

To execute the recording of data in the Dataset node, you must trigger the Rec Chain Connection point in the Data Node.

Reading Data

Just like the "Record to dataset" feature, the "Read from dataset" option can be found under the Node's Property Drawer, in the Statistics tab.

The logic works the same as above. You can define which Dataset to read from and also the coordinates to the data to be read.

Data Node Properties


Human-friendly name for the node.


The node's unique identifier. It's by default based on the human-friendly name.


The current layer that the node is located in.


Defines the minimum and maximum values that the node can hold.


Displays the node's current numeric value.


Enables carets in the node that can increase or decrease the value by clicking on them.

You can customize the step amount - that is - the value to be added or subtracted, when each respective caret is clicked.


You can customize the amount of decimals to be shown in the node's value field.


You can select if rounding should be applied to the node's value field

Connected Nodes

Displays a list of all the nodes that are connected

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