👋Vision lines from CEO

In the realm of web2, especially in the gaming sector, the norm was to move fast and break things – iterating rapidly until hitting those target KPIs. In web3, while that approach still has its place, founders need to approach economy design with more foresight. Once a protocol is launched, adjusting becomes significantly trickier; it's like trying to add sugar to a cake that's already baked. When your economy is fueled by NFTs and tokens, rebalancing poses a greater challenge compared to web2 games. Designing economies for web3 games presents a unique hurdle, emphasizing the need for a blend of both web2 and web3 expertise to thrive in the field today.

Games incorporating blockchain-based virtual goods and game tokens, while staying true to the foundational principles of web2 games, have the potential to offer users an even more thrilling experience. I am confident that, in the future, every outstanding game will naturally progress to integrate web3 elements.

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