There are four types of connections in the Nodanomics Software. Three of them are visual connections and the other is the Tag System itself.

Data Connection

Data Connections are responsible for connecting Data-type Nodes together.

They are color coded with the color Green.

The amount of resources to be drained or generated is determined by the connection's โ€œFormulaโ€ property.

This property can be a static or a dynamic value. A static value would be a constant number and a dynamic value would be when the Tag System is used.

One Origin or Sink can have multiple Data Connections connected to them and they should generate or drain the amount of resources that each connection has in their values.

Logic Connection

Logic Connections are similar in nature to the Tag System.

They are color coded with the color Blue.

With Logic Connections, you can connect Data Nodes into Formula Nodes using a custom variable name.

Chain Connection

This connection type is responsible for defining the execution order, or chain, in the diagram.

They are color coded with the color Orange and under special circumstances, the colors Red and White.

The condition property defines if the connection is enabled or disabled.

If the connection is enabled, that is, the condition field expression has returned โ€œtrueโ€, once the previous node has finished its execution, the next node in the chain is going to be executed. On the other hand, if the connection is disabled, that is, if the condition field expression has returned โ€œfalseโ€, it will sever the chain, not executing the next node(s) connected to it.

Since every Chain Connection is enabled by default, the value of the "Condition" property field is "true" by default.

The tag system can be used in the "Condition" property field to calculate the logic expression. This is very useful to create if statements./


equal(tagA, true) * equal(tagB, true) 
equal(formulaA, 19) * equal(formulaB, 0)

tagA == true && tagB == true
formulaA == 19 && formulaB == 0

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